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20 January 2012 @ 10:18 am
So today FBI closed Megaupload all around the world. And I am wondering: if they already can do this, what are they going to do if SOPA gets approved?

I think this is outrageous, because they closed down everything, ruling out all rights of the people who paid for a legal service of downloads, and who had their private material on Megaupload cloud. How long until they close Livejournal, Tmblr, etc, etc, etc, because we share copyrighted material? Until they close Deviantart, Wikipedia, even Youtube? What about any other company with a cloud system? Could we really "cloud" ourselves, or do we have to fear more breakdowns?

Are we going to lose everything we made the last 10 years? All the communities, our way of knowing what's going on at the other half of the world, our friends and trolls?

Do they really think they are going to make more money if half the world don't even know their series/films/music exist? Can't they see that I chose freely not to buy what I don't fancy, but that I will always buy and support my favourite stuff?

Just an example, Romantic Comedy Movie V. I'm not motivated to see it in the cinema. I could donwload it and see it at home, and forget about it if I don't like it at all, which is probably going to happen. On the other side, if I like it, I would buy the dvd eventually.

Even I couldn't donwload it, I will not go to the cinema (which is not cheap, ye know, and I don't really feel like wasting my money) to see it. And as I wouldn't watch it anyway, I wouldn't buy the dvd either. What for? And are they losing money here? At worst escenario, they are not making anything. At best, they could make a dvd sale.

Another example, Sherlock Holmes movies and stuff. I love the character, the actors, the series, whatever. I go to the cinema, buy the dvd movies, buy the dvd series, own several books... What if I donwload some of the episodes because I cannot buy them just now? Are they losing money here? No.

IP Man movies. I didn't know about these! We found them by luck, downloaded them... And we loved them!! I will buy the dvds as soon as I can, just for the sake of having them and watching the movies in the tv. See? They are getting money here!

There are people who can't afford going to the cinema, and rely on the Internet to see stuff. They won't buy everything they watch (nobody does, surprise!), but probably they will buy some when they have money, even if it is to give someone a present: this one, everyone does sooner or later.

So what's the point here? Big companies think they are making less money due piracy. I tell you they will make the same or less, if they close down the Internet. In my opinion, this is not about what they are losing, but about what profit they are not making. And they are not realizing they will not sell the amount of copies they claim the Internet community is pirating.

Either we can watch/listen for free once and maybe buy, or not watching/listening NOR buying at all. And it is like that, they like it or not. Or do we buy clothes without trying them first? Maybe we can afford going to the cinema once or twice and have the bad luck of watching a crappy movie, but with all the amount of stuff that is released everyday... we cannot afford buying everything as they would like, at the prices they are!

20 euros for a dvd movie? 17 euros for a music album?? 5 euros for a 15 pages comic! 60 euros for a videogame! Get your godd**ned prices down, and you will see how people buy a lot more stuff even if we haven't tried it beforehand. Take a look at the kindle store in Amazon, they are doing amazingly well with their book prices there. Come on, 5 euros for a book is awesome and I would buy a lot only by reading the covers. 20 euros for a book? Will only buy if I already know the product beforehand; either a recommendation, or a series, or a fave artist. And I haven't made up those prices, they are real ones in Spain at least.

So we download, watch and choose what to buy. Bad luck if you guys in the big companies don't like the new market model. I don't like the job market either, when I don't get a payrise and inflation grows, my job is crap but I cannot risk being unemployed, but that's life.

So stop whinning, stop threatening us and running over our rights and freedom, stop having millions of profits for your accionists and chairmen, and make something worthwile. We will buy it then. If not... well, I can foresee we will go back to buying two movies, three books, and 1 videogame a year, like we did when I was a child. Yeah, and no iphones, ipads, laptops and stuff, as we are not going to use them. And no broadband either. We will come back to the 80s, but with production prices of XXI century; I'm sure you get the maths.

Doh. I love the Internet, and all I have learned through the years. All the friends I've met, all the awesome time I have spend, and all the stuff I've shared and discovered because of it. I can say I don't conceive anymore not being able to Google stuff around, reading the newspaper in my computer or just sharing interests in a social network everyday. I'm Internet-addicted, as much as our elders are to the TV (which I seldom watch nowadays).

I don't support having everything for free, don't get me wrong on this. We all like to be paid for our jobs. But we need to stop the consuming greed that is rampaging the whole world and most of the big companies. Laws should be made to amend this greed that is breaking us apart and crushing our economies, not our freedom.

It is a SHAME that a country that always get its mouth full of freedom and opportunities is the first one in cutting them down to serve the economical interests of their political partys' fundraisers. And it is a SHAME that every other country is doing the same to suck USA's *****. Occident, so proud when saying China censors and opresses people, are doing the same stuff. If you don't believe me, check the National Defense Authorization Act in Wikipedia, signed by our favourite Novel winner Obama. Congratulations!

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darwi_odradedarwi_odrade on January 20th, 2012 06:21 pm (UTC)
Estamos volviendo a la lista de libros prohibidos, esta vez con webs.

Además, ¿es que no saben que ahora mismo no existe cumpleaños alguno (que yo sepa al menos) en donde no caiga algo de marketing o dvd's de series y/o películas? incluso de series antiguas que ni siquiera sabes que existen hasta que las mencionan o vuelven a sacar!!!!

El movimiento fandom existiría sin páginas com MU (ya existía con star trek TOS), claro, pero ni de lejos a estos niveles ni con tantísimas series. Y ahora mismo ese mismo movimiento de continuar viendo y reviendo y publicando fics y todo por internet es lo que ha hecho posible que haya 2º, 3º y hasta 5º partes de películas o que las series duren tantísimas temporadas, no en serio, qué se creen, yo no veo la TV, y aunque no pudiese ver series por internet no la vería porque no tengo esa costumbre, ergo no compra de dvd's ni nada por el estilo.

Sorry por el rant, es que es leer tu post y es que es punto por punto lo que pienso y me da po escribir xd.

A ver qué pasa, porque aun ya sólo en la base judicial, seguramente todos los cargos relacionados con llevarse beneficios y tal tienen una base (nadie ha dicho que las leyes sean justísimas) pero lo de conspiración ¿en serio? eso no tiene ni medio sentido, ni un cuarto, no entiendo de donde se han sacado esa acusación ¿es un default en las acusaciones estadounidenses????
nyaarnyaar on January 21st, 2012 10:24 am (UTC)
Claro, el fandom siempre seguira existiendo, pero lo que ha crecido y como dices, todo lo que hemos conseguido juntandonos (reboots, temporadas, etc,etc), eso seria muy dificil si no nos pudieramos agrupar como ahora.

Si me dijeras que es que ahora ganan menos dinero que antes, pero no es verdad ni por el forro. Lo que pasa es que no estan ganando tanto como les gustaria y eso les jode que no veas y estan en plena pataleta.

Lo de US pues la verdad, a mi me da que si quieren trincarte, ya se inventan ellos lo que quieran. A ver como crees que tienen a la gente retenida en Guantanamo, ese lugar fantastico que Obama dijo que iba a cerrar! XD

Me indigna mogollon esto xD Otras cosas que pasan en Espania tb me indignan, pero como se dice siempre, no se le puede quitar el circo al obrero xD
♀*La Muerte Chiquita*♀: nathanneela_kalaka on January 20th, 2012 07:33 pm (UTC)
La idea es estupida. Y lo que le hyan hecho a megaupload es una mierda mas grande que este puto planeta. Como reza el dicho, aqui pagaron justos por pecadores.

Y SOPA es ridícula e irreal. Se acaba de ver con la mierda del FBI, que si, que se acaba de matar todos los links a musica ilegal, pero tambien el material legal y original de MUCHA GENTE.

mierda de pais, mierda de ley, mierda de FBI

nyaarnyaar on January 21st, 2012 10:27 am (UTC)
Totalmente de acuerdo, es que me parece un atropello sin limites al ciudadano vamos. Tu vas a tu web, pagas legalmente por un servicio, viene el FBI y pum. Y mis cosas? Ahhhh, se siente... Y mi dinero? Ahhh... se siente mas...

Lo del SOPA es rwogkoetk. Pensar si hubieran sacado mierdas de leyes asi hace 10 anios lo mas probable es que no hubiera concido a gente como tu, me hace rechinar los dientes xD Y todo por intereses de pasta!!!! Si me dijeras es que si no lo hacemos nos matan, pues que remedio. Pero porque unos tios que estan montados en el dolar, se forren aun mas!