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10 April 2012 @ 10:33 pm

I thought people quitted playing simhospital because they got bored / pissed by the latest changes in the game. I did myself.

Then I just come around to see that the whole gaming has been taken away from LJ because it is not profitable.

My question is, did they really intend people to pay for gold and stuff in sim hospital to get money, as a company? (which wasn't THAT awesome to get my $$, you know...) I thought this whole game services were a way of competing against FBook, and imagined they were getting money with adds / sponsors like always, but looks like I was wrong Oo

Mmm... I believe other blog technologies are eating LJ up... Which is a pity, because I don´t really enjoy Tumblr, and I will not set a foot on Fbook as it would be the last community on Earth.

I don´t plan on removin any of the LJ friends I added there, but if someone just want to do it, go ahead xD

On a fangirl note, I read the spanish newspaper this morning and there was an article about the spanish Royal Family there that made me fan-squee like silly as I remembered my good old Lucius X) Well, it wasn't a happy article at all, doh, but fan insticts are weird XD

Then, I've been writing a paper for my grade's homework this Easter about the Meiji era in Japan, the Ishin Shishi, Saigo Takamori and a whole lot more of awesome stuff I learned when I stepped in RKenshin fandom :X so I was pretty much having a great time remembering Saito and reading some fics.

Which is funny X) as this remember me that I've been lately reading Dball fanfics as well because Vegeta is always awesome.

Hmmmm..... Looks like someone is (still!!) having a fandom crisis after all those years *rolleyes*

Need to catch up Game of Thrones season2, and BBC Sherlock as well. And I hate to say it, but I will be checking House MD final as well. It has been a looonng time, cherised fandom, and I just want to know what happens in the end.

I wish I have more time /energy to do fanworks, but dohhh... the university, this job that sucks the life out of me and the daily chores at home take too much of my... me. And I'm really slacking on my Nanowrimo project (yeah, last November one...) but at least I can say that I'm more confident in the world around the story and the characters now. :3

I wanna draw theemmm -_-

SWTOR game is not hhmmm... what I expected, probably, but it is not the horror. It is playable (for me, in the lowest, lowest resolution ever...) but I can see the game engine is pure crap. WOW is pretty much better in that (and in many more) aspects. But well XD I believe we are getting bored of the same mmorpg game style, but doh, we like playing together and don´t enjoy shoot'em'up : / So if anyone can recommend me a game, it would be much appreciated.

Last thing is, I passed Chinese 3, so now I can say quite... nothing, to be honest, but I should be able to say some stuff, then I'm on Chinese 4. And I don't know what I'm going to do with myself to learn this x)

Please someone! Just practice chinese with me! *desperate mode*

That's all =) I keep reading all you people post around, but I usually don't have anything clever to say...
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