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11 May 2012 @ 10:41 pm
Me wants some Avengers famdom crazyness in form of LJ community.... and I'm sure you guys know where can I have some... :) Please?

Thor is kind of awesome and cute, and I´m even liking Loki (but that is mainly Johanirae´s fault X) Anyway fandom is crazy about him Oo Is it because of the horns? The suit? The green scarf... The hair??? :3333 hey but what about *spoilersspoilers* Coulson? so hmmmm). Of course Tony is the superstar and I love him, while I cannot find myself liking Steve. And Bruce... well I can see he is way better than I expected, I like the character.

Funny thing is, I totally went to the movie to find a disappointing Hawkeye ( I remember seeing the posters and thinking wtf is this guy with those looks omg sad) and ... why in the Earth can´t I stop thinking about him now? Something is fandom-attracting me to him lol, and that is very dangerous X__D

Anyway. Pretty please redirect me to any Avenger´s community, if only to be stalking forever :D I'll send cookies and will try to do some drawings when RLife consents.

(By the way, can anyone throw any sense into the Clint/Coulson pairing? It confuses me... XD)
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Firufirulais on May 11th, 2012 10:00 pm (UTC)
Cannot tell you about communities right now, but will look for them now that you asked, and will tell you :D

Also, I've loved Clint since I met him in the Avengers comic books, so I understand your fascination with him <3 And Loki! He's like the best villain ever, and I was hoping we would win just because he's so fucking crazy x_D

Aand I hate Tony, though that' s kind of personal, and I am starting to love Captain America more than before. No surprise there, right?:p But I do like Tony/Steve, even when they are two stupid kids fighting over nothing xD

Glad you like it! I am watching it again, and again. And then again, probably xD

(I still owe you an email, I won't forget about it :P)
nyaarnyaar on May 12th, 2012 12:07 pm (UTC)
Haha share your findings! I´ve found the avengerskink, which is similar to sherlockkink... and it is fine to read stuff, though is not what I will call a community :)

I cannot understand why Clint, Imaybeis because of his deadpan-face? X__D In fact he has nothing to do with the Hawkeye I remember from the comics I used to read... where he was kinda like Vegeta and always arguing with the Cap X)

I think he is much cooler being a Shield agent anyway lol

The Loki / Hulk scene in the end killed me forever X_________D I was laughing like mad and thinking ouch ouch at the same time XD But yeah Loki is ... don´t know. It attracts like a flame :3 Don´t mind at all reading fics with him and Thor.

Tony is a big child spoiled to the maximum xD but I kinda find him adorable when stops looking at himself xD But I´ve always found Steve boring. It is not that I hate him, it´s just that I always picture him as a self righteous guy and I tend to dislike that xD

I would like to see it again. And again. Yeah.... Let´s see what can I do... :3
darwi_odradedarwi_odrade on May 11th, 2012 10:14 pm (UTC)
I think the Clint/Coulson is because Coulson is supossed to have been clint handler??? at least that's what I have understodd from some fics xd.

I thought I wouldn't like this Bruce, but he is cute, even more cuter with Tony (as friends).

Don't know any lj communities but the ao3 fics on the avengers are going crazy :D

And everyone loves Loki because he is crazy, and Thor is handsome but lets face it, he is kind of slow and Loki is able to make everyone dance his music with just a conversation, that's my definition of cool (in a bad ass sense).

nyaarnyaar on May 12th, 2012 11:54 am (UTC)
was he? Hmmmm maybe that happens in some of the comics I´ve never read? Damnit XD Now I need to ask for good comics to read as well lolz.

Yeah, I agree about Bruce as well. I´ve never, ever, liked the Hulk. For me it was the most boring character ever (Mind you, in the old comics Tony was boring as hell as well X__D), but I quite like the actor. I think he plays a rather convincing Banner :D Tony and him as friends is a rather odd mix that works, and I´d like to see more of that as well.

What is that "ao3" you talk about? I´ve never heard of that (I think I´m getting older.........)

Yeah well Loki is crazy and cool XD But Thor is awesome on his own way even if he is... well, not cunning haha. I love them interacting in a canon, non yaoi, way X)

darwi_odradedarwi_odrade on May 12th, 2012 09:45 pm (UTC)
ao3 is "archiveofourown.org", a fanfiction web and one of the most active (in the newest fandoms at least), even more active than fanfiction.net and with way better tags. You can find anything in there, really a-ny-thing :D
nyaarnyaar on May 13th, 2012 12:52 am (UTC)

Thaaaaaaaaannkkss! I will have a look around :3